Memory Jogger

Use this exercise to help complete your 50 Names List

Think of current and past neighborhoods, acquaintances, people in the community, landlords, realtors you have worked with, and so on.

Consider coworkers, associates, past bosses, past employees, employees of other firms with whom you’ve done business, clients, and vendors. 

This can include grade school, middle school, high school, community college, university. Think of old friends from classes or seminars you’ve attended, people you’ve met at swimming, yoga, scrapbooking, or cake decorating classes. Don’t forget past teachers, administrators, and staff.

This is the category that’s the easiest to think of, but ironically, these are the people who may not be as eager to assist you. So, when your lifelong best friend decides not to have a party for you, get over it and move on to the next one. I have found that those who make the best hosts are your second and third level of friends. (People you don’t see often but are on your holiday card list.) 

This could be comprised of acquaintances or members of your church, folks from recreational activities like bowling or softball leagues, and people at the gym or fitness center where you work out. You may know people from children’s sports activities, such as soccer, Little League, dance, or gymnastics. Think about committees or groups you’ve belonged to, like Scouts, political organizations, ladies’ groups, leads clubs, or women’s business groups. Children-related contacts: Kid’s friends’ parents, coaches, teachers, doctors, tutors, and so on.


From Direct Selling for Dummies by Belinda Ellsworth, pg 116 – 117