Steps To Success

Success at anything is 1% talent, 99% hard work! Here are some tips and tools that will set you off in the right direction.

Zyia Success

Share Your Why

The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us

The 50 Names List

Reach Out

  • Reach out to the people on your 50 Names List. 
  • Be authentic and be yourself. This is a relationship business!
  • Keep track of who you’ve reached out to and what the outcome was.

Follow Up

  • The Fortune is in the Follow Up!
  • Be consistent
  • Follow the 2-2-2 Follow-Up Plan: check in after 2 days, then 2 weeks, then 2 months

Build Your Team

Daily Steps

  • Small daily steps will have a big impact over time
  • Be consistent
  • Use a Content Calendar like the one below to keep you on track

Personal Development

  • Personal development is a lifelong process


  • Strive for continuous self-development


  • There are many books that can help develop the skills that will help you to be more successful in your business

Useful Apps & Websites

Cinchshare: Social Media scheduling app

Word Swag: Text & Graphic design app

Layout: Photo layout app

Canva: Drag ‘n drop design tool

Zoom: Video conferencing tool

Sisterlee Creations: Business cards & more (Zyia partner)

Zyia App: Zyia tool to help you build your business

Kindle: Access your books anywhere

Audible: Listen to audio versions of your favorite books

Venmo: Payment sharing tool

Paypal: Payment platform